Hi lovely,

I’m Abby Watson and I’m the founder of Love Your Birth. I am here to be your teacher and mentor in building your successful Hypnobirthing business around your life. I am an experienced and practicing Hypnobirthing teacher and I run this around my four young children.


My family are my world and they are my inspiration in my business daily. I’m so grateful for how running my own Hypnobirthing business has allowed me to have the freedom to be present with my children and allowed me to enjoy them at every age.

My Journey…

In 2013 I experienced the most incredible birth with my first baby. It was everything that just a few months before I’d never known birth could be. It was calm, empowering and left me feeling on top of the world. I was so surprised by my strength and ability to do something that just before I’d found Hypnobirthing I’d been absolutely terrified of. My son Harris was born and I became a mother. 

Later that year I returned to my career as a Secondary School teacher. Leaving my 9 month old baby in nursery ripped my heart out. I felt so upset that I was missing out on seeing him each and every day, watching him grew and achieving those milestones. As well as this I felt that my passion for teaching at school had dwindled. I’d lived and breathed it previously and suddenly I didn’t want to be there and I felt totally overwhelmed by the huge workload.

We knew we wanted a sibling for him soon and I soon found I was pregnant that same year.

Despite many friends and colleagues thinking I was crazy, I handed in my notice.

I gave up my career that I’d worked so hard for. I knew though that there was something in my heart that I wanted to do so much more. I wanted to train to teach Hypnobirthing. I wanted to share this simple but incredibly powerful education and set of tools with as many women as I could. It broke my heart that my positive story was always the shocker, the anomaly. I knew that my positive birth was so much more than an experience. It had changed me and helped me so much in my transition to becoming a mother. I wanted other women to have this. I was so ready to spread the word.

17 months after the birth of Harris I had my second baby, Imogen. This time I had an incredible homebirth again using powerful Hypnobirthing techniques. When Imogen was 6 months old I trained to teach Hypnobirthing. Love Your Birth was born.

As a former Secondary School Teacher I always brought my skills to my sessions. The training course I’d taken to train to teach Hypnobirthing had encouraged a sit and read through a book type of a approach. Immediately I knew this wasn’t for me. I wanted my courses to be engaging and interactive. I also wanted my courses to feel supportive of all birth choices. So from day one I taught Hypnobirthing in a way that I felt was aligned to me. I made the course my own.


Setting up a business was a learning curve. It did feel scary leaving a stable job with good pay but something inside me told me that there was so much to gain.

I had no experience of running a business and certainly not marketing a business. Through determination, investment in coaching and asking for support I soon built a consistent business teaching twice weekly group courses and having a steady stream of one to one clients.

The Freedom running my business has given me to live my life as I want to is something that I’ll always be grateful for. 

Over my years of teaching Hypnobirthing I’ve worked with different brands of Hypnobirthing. None of them felt like home because you know what, they weren’t me. It wasn’t fully my message. It wasn’t even my voice I was giving clients with the MP3s. I felt frustrated that I was paying on going fees for little in return.  That’s when I made my course 100% my own. From the Hypnobirthing scripts, to the workbook, to the content it all reflected my down to earth and inclusive approach to Hypnobirthing.

Hypnobirthing for all births. 

I expanded my business in 2018 and took on my wonderful past Hypnobirthing client, Hannah Brown to teach under my brand. Between us we’ve taught over 500 families.

I also started mentoring other Hypnobirthing teachers and soon saw that not only did Hypnobirthing teachers want support with building up their businesses but they wanted ideas for making their classes more engaging and interactive. This was something that many Hypnobirthing training courses were not equipping teachers with. I knew that if they weren’t proud of their courses, they wouldn’t sell them with the same confidence.

In response to this need I created a course for Hypnobirthing teachers and developed a bundle of resources that they could use making their course more engaging, more supportive of all birth choices and gave them the ability to make their course their own. 

The response to what I released was incredible. It really showed me that I had something unique and special to share with Hypnobirthing Teachers. 

Early 2020 at the start of a global pandemic I lovingly created this training program, training people from scratch. Since then we have had over 200 people world wide train with us to become engaging, autonomous and equipped Hypnobirthing teachers. I weaved everything into it to ensure that it leaves those who have trained with us confident to teach their courses their way. 

Each and every day I feel lucky that I get the opportunity to support such incredible people to do such wonderful things. 

I am so proud of our community. 

Over the years my family has now grown just as my business has. We now have four children.

Juggling business and family is a bit of a speciality for me. It’s not easy but it sure beats the restrictive life I could be living if I’d have stuck with my former career.

I’ve put my heart and soul into this course and have ensured it includes everything to create inspiring, confident and engaging teachers ready to build their own businesses around their lives.

My insights from the learning curve I've been on have all been woven into this course. I know that this training course offers something different from what is already out there and it really gives Hypnobirthing teachers the opportunity to stand out.


In addition my mentoring will ensure that you have your hand held for however long you want or need.

I believe that Hypnobirthing teachers are stronger when they are supported to grow their own brand of Hypnobirthing.

My training school is about providing exceptional training, support and resources. Teachers who train with us have no ongoing fees, no licences, no fee per mp3 download. You can even record the mp3s in your own voice (your clients will love you for this!). There are no rules about what you must give out to your clients and you certainly don’t have to ever push my business name. I’m here to support you on this incredible journey and empower you to spread transformative positive births to more and more families.


Abby x 


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I will be sharing how I built my hypnobirthing business, whilst juggling a busy family life to help people have a positive birth experience.

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"Firstly Abby is a truly excellent teacher. Through other education I already had the birth knowledge but wanted to learn how to put this knowledge into a well structured course and be able to teach it in a way that makes sense. Learning techniques from Abby and watching her teach us has been like a masterclass in how to get information across in an engaging way. The course content has been brilliant, especially the content on how to structure sessions, techniques for teaching and the resources. Thanks Abby for helping me become the teacher I want to be."

-Julie Smeaton, Birth Works

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Teaching hypnobirthing is it for you? Free event 


Find out more about becoming a hypnobirthing teacher at this free Zoom event on:

Wednesday 1st March at 7:30pm BST.

I will be sharing how I built my hypnobirthing business, whilst juggling a busy family life to help people have a positive birth experience.

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