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Train to teach Hypnobirthing and build a business around your life

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Business Support

We know that starting a Business is a big deal. We support, guide and mentor you so that you feel confident in gaining consistent clients. We care about your business.

No Ongoing Fees

Your training investment is a one-off fee. We do not charge yearly fees/licenses/charges. We certainly do not charge you to download MP3s for you clients.


You will have freedom to teach Hypnobirthing how you want to teach it. Although we provide you with tonnes of tried and tested beautiful resources and well thought out session plans, it's up to you how or if you use them.

You know the power of Hypnobirthing, that’s why you are here.

Hypnobirthing is more than just a birth preparation course. It’s a full set of tools that helps women have the most positive birth for them.

Despite the growing popularity of Hypnobirthing and the widely known benefits so many women birth without these tools. They miss out on learning about their options. They accept the messages about birth that they’ve been fed from being a child. They accept fear as the norm. They anticipate leaving their dignity at the door. Their birth partners are unprepared. Unfortunately, they often go on to have births that leave them feeling disappointed. 

It’s no wonder is it that time after time women are only told scare stories about birth.

Positive birth creates positive birth. When one woman has had a positive birth experience it shifts the expectations for others. They too are more likely to have a positive experience themselves.

Sharing stories, knowledge and positivity about birth is powerful! 

You’ve been doing this already. But what if you could do more?

""Aside from having the flexibility and freedom to work around family life, I love being able to tune into my creative side and design and create new things for expectant couples. It makes work so much more fun and enjoyable! I get so much genuine satisfaction from teaching Hypnobirthing." "

Sian Dolben
Serene Beginnings

What if you could talk about the topic you love talking about to women and their birth partners?

What if you could educate and empower them?

What if you could arm them with powerful tools that help them have a positive birth however it happens?

What if you could actually get paid for this privilege too?

What if you could earn an income around your lifestyle, giving you more time with those that you love, doing the things that you love?


I'm Abby Watson, specialist in Hypnobirthing, an experienced trainer, established business mentor and proud mum of four and I am here to support you on your journey sharing Hypnobirthing with others whilst earning a living.

Train to teach Hypnobirthing and turn your passion into a business

Love Your Birth Training School trains people like you to become engaging and nurturing Hypnobirthing teachers. We offer mentoring and support for every part of your journey from building your knowledge to getting Hypnobirthing clients. We are unlike most other training providers in that we do NOT charge ongoing fees. There is no yearly licence and no fee per resource download. We don’t ask you to push our brand. We help you grow yours. Our love is seeing you grow and reach more families!

"Abby has been such a fantastic mentor to me. Abby provided me with so many skills, tools and tips to help me feel confident when teaching Hypnobirthing"

Hannah Brown
Hypnobirthing with Hannah

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