Do you want to show other women that birth doesn’t have to be something to fear?

Are you passionate about making birth better?

Do you feel frustrated every time anyone tells you a birth story that sounds anything but empowering and wish so much that they knew what you knew?

Are you ready to build a business around your life giving you more time to spend with those that you love?


Well I’m glad you’ve found us!

"Pursuing a career in hypnobirthing has allowed me to do something that makes me Hannah again, not just Mum, or colleague, or wife. I am so thankful that I come across Abby"

Hannah Edmundson

Our mission is to create a ripple effect in the world. We know that positive birth creates positive birth. The more positive birth is spoken about and experienced the more likely it is for others. Quite frankly there’s far too many people missing out on the life altering transformative experience of a positive birth through Hypnobirthing.


Let’s work together and reach more families.

But let’s start with you. Taking the plunge to train in something new is a big deal. I get it. This was me six years ago. It felt scary and big but honestly if I hadn’t have taken the plunge I’d have missed out on so many things.

Hypnobirthing has brought me so much joy, freedom and flexibility. I’ve met so many incredible people through it, spent more time with my family, learnt so much about myself and earned a great living along the way.

We have live training happening in February or April 2022.

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Imagine work not feeling like work.

Imagine the buzz of seeing those lightbulb moments on the faces of couples when they realise the truth about birth.

Imagine receiving your first client birth story.

Imagine being able to leave the 9-5 behind and being able to pick your own schedule.

Imagine being a part of a community of like minded people.

Imagine bringing more joy to yourself and your family as you feel so fulfilled in a new rewarding role.

Imagine no two days ever being the same.

Imagine bringing more happiness through the power of positive birth.


Ready to find out more?

Sign up to get your free space on our next event on Wednesday 9th February  at 7:30pm- The Truth about Teaching Hypnobirthing

Train as a Hypnobirthing teacher with me and I’ll be here to hold your hand for as long as you’d like.

My passion is working with women like you, who just like me, are passionate about birth being empowering.

You’ll learn to teach engaging and interactive Hypnobirthing sessions that will leave your clients feeling calm and prepared for birth and ready to send all their friends your way.

As one of life’s over sharers I’ll promise to overdeliver always and instil this level of service in you so that you are confident that your courses are the best on the market.

Love Your Birth Training school has you covered. You wont just learn how to teach powerful Hypnobirthing sessions but you’ll also be taught how to market them. A business with no clients is just a hobby and you need this to earn you some money don’t you?


Unlike many other trainers we do NOT charge yearly memberships/licences/fees.


Your training fee is a one-off fee and you can access the online modules immediately so you can start learning straight away. We don’t even tell you that you must give out our resources. We treat you as the independent person that you are and support you in tailoring your courses for your clients. Our mission is high quality training and support.

I am confident that what we are offering is of the highest value and quality. After years of mentoring other Hypnobirthing teachers that have trained with many different trainers and hearing their feedback and struggles I’ve poured my heart and soul into this course knowing that I’ve left no stone unturned.

My training is also proudly accredited by FEDANT and the CTAA and the course is an approved training provider of the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists. But actually I'm much more proud of the wonderful feedback I've received from the people I've trained all around the world. 

Train in February

Your Training will consist of: 

Video Course

You will have immediate access to 5 Video course Modules as soon as you sign up, you can access these forever


-Your Role as a Hypnobirthing Teacher

-Birth Essentials (Midwives and experienced Doulas exempt)

-Hypnosis for birth (Hypnotherapists exempt)

-Session Content

-Marketing Your Business 

-Plus a whole heap of extras

Live Training Via Zoom

5 interactive group sessions via Zoom to get you totally confident to meet those first clients


-Becoming a confident and effective Teacher  (4 sessions)

-Plus a practical Hypnotherapy session.

As these are via zoom you can join wherever you live.

Self Study and Assessment

You will be provided with a recommended reading list and reflective tasks to deepen your knowledge

You will complete a scenario based assessment will complete your training.

Once your assessment is submitted and marked you will be certified to teach Hypnobirthing. This is an accredited and insurable qualification.

"Abby offers so much support, not only during the course but afterwards as well. You become part of a really supportive community too where we all cheer each other on"


You will get:


  • Beautiful high Quality Resources.
  • Immediate access to the online modules.
  • Subject Knowledge delivered by those at the top of their field.
  • Down to earth course content (not a vagina opening like a rose bud visualisation in sight).
  • An abundance of engaging and interactive ideas to bring your sessions to life.
  • A mixture of online and live training.
  • The ability to make your course your own and record MP3s in your voice.
  • Marketing training and mentoring (in my typical fuss free way) to ensure your business brings in the £££
  • Supportive and loving mentoring.
  • A community of wonderful Hypnobirthing teachers who have each other’s backs. Everyone needs business buddies.
  • A whole heap of motivation and cheering on.

Complete our nurturing and fun interactive training in February or April.

February Training Dates

"The course structure & materials we receive allow us to teach straight away without worrying about setting up workbooks, scripts, MP3's etc, and it is all so organised and easy to find what I need.. thank you Abby" 

Bethany O'Keeffe

Pay in full or sign up to our instalment plan...



February Training

Immediate access to supported Video Study 

  • One off Fee
  • Be Ready to Teach March 2022 (Once Assessment complete) 
  • Ongoing mentoring 
  • Freedom to teach your way
  • BONUS MODULE- How to Run Pregnancy Relaxation Classes

Payment Plan

£154 month x 10

February Training

  • Immediate access to supported video study
  • 10 monthly payments
  • No ongoing fees
  • Be Ready to Teach March 2022 (Once Assessment complete) 
  • Ongoing mentoring 
  • Freedom to teach your way
  • BONUS MODULE- How to Run Pregnancy Relaxation Classes



Training Dates for this intake

Immediate access to online modules, plus a reading list.

Interactive training Dates:

Sunday February 6th, 13th, 20th and the 27th 9.30am-12pm UK time via Zoom call

Zoom Hypnosis training Date Wednesday 16th 7.30pm-10pm

Prior to the interactive training on the 6th of February you will be required to have completed the first 4 modules of the video course

After submission and the marking of your written assessment by myself you will receive your certification and be ready to teach your first clients. My ongoing support and mentoring will go on long after this with regular contact via our nurturing Facebook group.



Free extra online module with resources- How to teach Pregnancy Relaxation classes. This module will prepare you to teach pregnancy relaxation classes with ready to teach plans.This means that you can add pregnancy relaxation classes to your business if you wish.


My promise to you is that if you feel something is missing in this course, I will create it. My purpose is to help you become the best Hypnobirthing teacher you can be.

Alternative Training Dates

Not quite ready for the February round of training?

The good news is that you can enrol on our Spring round of training which starts in April. 


Spring Training Dates

Our Manifesto


At Love Your Birth training school our love for women underpins everything that we do. We understand just how transformative becoming a parent is. More than that we understand how transformative birth can be. 


We know that women carry babies for nine months but they carry their feelings around their birth experience for life. Every woman deserves these to be positive feelings.


We believe in the ripple effect. When one person sees, hears, experiences the empowering nature of birth they share that with others. They too are more likely to experience birth in this way. They share this with others and the beauty of the ripple works through the world empowering those that it touches. Positive birth creates positive birth. 


We believe that birthing a business is also a big deal and a major life event. We know that business owners need nurturing and supporting too. To create the ripple effect our trainees are also given support and mentoring in running their business so that they can reach more families and enjoy the freedom self-employment can bring for them.


We value community and know that when we work together, share and learn from one other we are stronger.


We believe that the strongest voice in pregnancy and birth should be the birthing woman’s voice. Her choices should be respected whatever they are.


We value and celebrate all births. We believe that Hypnobirthing is for all choices and eventualities and it is certainly not something that is achieved or not achieved. 


We support our trainees to become the very best Hypnobirthing has to offer, the guiding lights, the listeners, the creatives, the questioners and the thinkers.


Just like we understand that all birthing families are different we encourage our trainees to embrace their difference too. We support our trainees to be able to deliver their courses the way that they see fit and develop their own beautiful brand that reflects their uniqueness. 


Our aim is to gift our trainees with strong teaching and communication skills. We are not a ‘read from the book’ type of trainer.


We believe that being chosen to work with families at this precious time is a real privilege. We know our trainees meet the needs of individuals when they have powerful and purposeful resources, great tools and techniques and strong teaching and questioning skills.

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I am absolutely loving training to be a hypnobirthing teacher with Abby! All  of the content is fantastic and so thorough, and training with Abby means you have the biggest cheerleader on side from the beginning!"

-Amy Libell, Birth Confidently Hypnobirthing

Who am I?


Abby Watson. Mum of four. Wife of one. Hypnobirthing teacher to hundreds of parents. Mentor to many.


I’m a Yorkshire lass. I love a cuppa and a chat. I’m easily over excited. I’m partial to a glass of red or white or anything really. I say ‘lovely’ A LOT. I'm an over sharer. And I can talk about birth night and day.


I came to Hypnobirthing after my own incredible births. It opened a whole new world for me and I couldn’t wait to share it with others. I left my Secondary school teaching career and embarked on a path that has brought me so much satisfaction and joy. I've been sharing my methods, resources and business wisdom with others for the last three years and I know I have the best job in the world. 


My business has allowed me the freedom to live my life as I want to live it. I set my own schedule, spend time with those I love and do work that doesn't feel like work. I love helping others do this too. 

Training Course Content:

Online video course modules (Immediate access when you sign up):

  • Module 1 Your Role as a Hypnobirthing Teacher- Ethics and Professionalism
  • Module 2 Birth Essentials by Midwife, Heath visitor and Hypnobirthing Teacher Rachel Akehurst from Lionheart Hypnobirthing.
  • Module 3 Hypnosis for birth
  • Module 4 Hypnobirthing Course Session content
  • Module 5 Marketing Your Business


4 Weekly group Zoom calls

Becoming a confident and engaging Hypnobirthing teacher (Beginning 6th February)

These interactive and friendly sessions will give you opportunity to learn our unique LOVE philosophy for a teaching a powerful Hypnobirthing course. You will develop your understanding the course content and become pumping with confidence ready for those first lucky clients.


A group Zoom call focused on practical hypnotherapy skills

This session will leave you feeling super confident in using and leading the Hypnosis aspects of Hypnobirthing. This will compliment your thorough online training that you will receive.


Guided self study and written assessment

This involves a reading list and short assignments to deepen your knowledge and understanding. A two part assessment will be completed prior to certification.

After submission and the marking of your written assessment by myself you will receive your certification and be ready to teach your first clients. My ongoing support, mentoring and CPD will go on long after this with regular contact via Facebook group and you can contact me whenever you'd like to. 



A free extra online module with resources- How to teach Pregnancy relaxation classes. This additional module will equip you to teach pregnancy relaxation classes with ready to teach plans. You will then have the option of adding these classes to your brand.

Included in Your Training:

  • Lifetime access to the online training materials that you can start working on straight away.
  • The birthing essentials module is taught by Rachel Akehurst, a trained midwife and Health visitor Rachel Akehurst. 
  • A Teacher’s Toolkit guiding you to make your Hypnobirthing course the best it can be, including tried and tested session plans that you can use or adapt.
  • An approach to Hypnobirthing that is inclusive of all births and all choices.
  • Specific resources and session plans to use with clients planning or considering a caesarean birth.
  • A bank of powerful resources, visual aids and stories that will make your courses interactive and engaging, allowing your clients to get the most out of your course.
  • 6 Hypnotherapist written Hypnobirthing scripts for use with your clients. Plus other relaxation scripts to use with your clients.
  • 4 MP3 downloads for your clients. These can be recorded in your voice if you choose to.
  •  A 64 page A4 interactive Client Workbook. You can print this yourself or buy copies from us. Our whole ethos of supporting you to create a Hypnobirthing course as unique as you are applies to this too. You can choose to give this workbook to your clients, you can choose to just give them selected pages or you can choose to write your own thing. It’s your business. Your rules.
  • Access to buy packs of affirmation cards for your clients at discounted prices or guidance in having your own made.
  • Support in building your Business and brand.
  • Membership of a wonderful community of fellow Hypnobirthing teachers all around the globe. with regular meet ups and on going training.
  • My expertise and mentoring as an experienced Hypnobirthing Teacher and Business mentor who has built up my business from scratch around my family.
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“Abby’s course has been fantastic. But beyond the brilliant curriculum, engaging lessons and fantastic organisation, is the most supportive, kind and knowledgeable lady herself. Always present, ready to help and down to earth"

Rhian Martin

Want to find out more?

Sign up below for your free space on my next online event running on Wednesday 9th February  at 7:30pm- The Truth about Teaching Hypnobirthing

Who can train as a Hypnobirthing Teacher?


The answer is anyone who is passionate about positive birth. 

You might be a parent that has experienced Hypnobirthing yourself and wants to share it with the world. You might be a Midwife, Obstetrician or a Doula that has witnessed the power of Hypnobirthing and are ready to expand your skill set. You might be a Hypnotherapist that wants to specialise in working with women prenatally to release fear and prepare for a positive birth. You might have never experienced or witnessed Hypnobirthing yourself but perhaps you have heard of its wonders and can’t wait to learn more.

Whatever your background or experience, we will equip you to become a confident and knowledgeable Hypnobirthing teacher.

The World needs you! 


Laura Thompson, The Yorkshire Hypnobirthing School

Doing Abby's training has absolutely been the best thing that I could have done for my hypnobirthing business. Supporting all types of families is at the heart of Love your Birth and that's what I love about it so much. With all the training that I have done with Abby, I have felt my confidence grow not only in how I deliver my classes but with running my business day to day as well as how to market myself too! The training has helped me find my own voice and style, I feel part of a supportive birth worker community and I feel really lucky to have come across such passionate people. I'll be forever grateful to have found Abby!


Have other questions?


Let’s chat! Drop me a message at [email protected] and let's schedule a time for a cuppa over video call. Seriously don’t sit on your questions, let’s talk them through.

I would love to support you in this


Abby x

Want to find out more?

Sign up below for your free space on my next online event running on Wednesday 9th February  at 7:30pm- The Truth about Teaching Hypnobirthing

"What can I say, I have loved every minute of the training and I am so thankful that I found you. Pursuing a career in hypnobirthing was the best decision that I ever made and I am so glad that I decided to train with you. Teaching hypnobirthing and knowing that you have made a difference to someone's birth really is the best feeling. Thank you Abby"

Hannah Brown



February Training

  • One off Fee
  • Immediate access to supported video study
  • Be Ready to Teach March 2022 (Once Assessment complete) 
  • Ongoing mentoring 
  • Freedom to teach your way
  • BONUS MODULE- How to Run Pregnancy Relaxation Classes

Payment Plan

£154 month x 10

February Training

  • Immediate access to supported Video Study 
  • No ongoing fees
  • Be Ready to Teach March 2022 (Once Assessment complete) 
  • Ongoing mentoring 
  • Freedom to teach your way
  • BONUS MODULE- How to Run Pregnancy Relaxation Classes

Training Dates for this intake

Immediate access to online modules so that you can start learning straight away, plus a reading list available from enrolment

Interactive training Dates: Sunday February 6th, 13th, 20th and the 27th 9.30am-12pm UK time via Zoom call

Zoom Hypnosis training Wednesday 16th February 7.30pm

Prior to the interactive training in February you will be required to have completed the first 4 modules of the video course

Optional extra training and support will be available

What did Catherine think of her training with Abby? 


Emma Stocker

"I cannot recommend the hypnobirthing teacher training course with Love Your Birth enough!  Abby is full of energy, and I have felt supported along every step of the way.  The course was so informative, and I was able to tackle the final assignment really confidently.  I feel ready to start teaching couples, but I know I have a community of Love Your Birth teachers that I can lean on for support at any time."


Enrol to train in January

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