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Fiona Shares Her Wins Since Becoming A Hypnobirthing Teacher

Uncategorized Nov 28, 2022

The lovely Fiona from Fiona Deans Hypnobirthing has kindly shared her wins with us since she became a hypnobirthing teacher.


Fiona is a hypnobirthing teacher offering courses in Solihull and Birmingham. Here are her wins since starting her hypnobirthing business. 


  1. I recently did a course for some friends who are expecting their second baby in December. After we finished the course, I received a really love, long review from Tom saying how much they'd enjoyed the course and how useful it had been. Receiving this made it all feel worthwhile in the uncertain times in which we're living! 
  2. Completing my hypnobirthing teacher training and receiving some really lovely feedback from Abby on it. When you invest so much time and money in something, it's natural to wonder whether you're doing the right thing, especially when it's completely different to what you normally do so receiving that was a real confidence boost.  
  3. Attending the Love Your Birth...
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Why choose me as your trainer?

Uncategorized Nov 22, 2022

Why choose me as your trainer?


I’ve been there and done it. I built my own in person Hypnobirthing business with 2 under 2. I have extensive experience of how to get Hypnobirthing clients, how to build community and how teach classes that are relevant and well received.


I’ve trained and mentored over 300 Hypnobirthing teachers so far. My feedback and testimonials speak for themselves.


I’m a former teacher so I understand how to design and deliver training that sticks. This benefits both you when you are learning with me and also your clients if you choose to use our resources and session plans.



I’m a trained Hypnotherapist so you can trust that I can support your growth in using Hypnosis with your clients. I’m also there for your growth as a confident business owner through the power of Hypnosis too.


I am dedicated to provide ongoing support in both your Teaching and building a business too. Growing our hugely...

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Sian Shares Her Wins Since Becoming A Hypnobirthing Teacher

Uncategorized Nov 17, 2022

The lovely Sian from Serene Beginnings has kindly shared her wins with us since she became a hypnobirthing teacher.


Sian is a hypnobirthing teacher and a baby massage teacher based in North Wales. Here are her wins since starting her hypnobirthing business. 



"I think a lot of us probably tend to focus on what we need to do better or do more of but sometimes jotting down what’s gone well makes you realise how much you’ve actually achieved!


Some of my wins so far include:


• Managing to install a booking system and seeing my first bookings come through - it was such an exciting feeling!


• Starting pregnancy relaxation classes - I felt so nervous and I worried if the pregnant mums would find the classes enjoyable, but one expectant mum messaged me after her first class to say she loved it and it was just what she needed!



• Teaching Hypnobirthing to two different expectant mums who had...

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A calm and positive home birth

Uncategorized Aug 10, 2022

The Birth Of Zachary

A calm and positive home birth

After having a lovely experience with our first baby in hospital following a wonderful Hypnobirthing course, we wanted to have a similar experience with our second baby, this time at home. We got in touch with the lovely Abby and arranged a refresher Hypnobirthing course at home and we are so pleased we did.

At 9 days over my ‘guess date’, my waters broke at 4am and I had one, tiny, little surge. I went back to sleep and felt nothing else until 10am when I started having one surge every 10 minutes. Wanting to stay as active as possible, our little family went to the local park for a walk and played on the swings and slides.

Our lovely, supportive midwife came to our home at 3pm to say hi and check I was doing ok. She advised me to keep active and that she would see me later when labour progressed. We headed back to the park with our daughter. We were able to have a lovely, personal family day, stopping every 10 minutes...

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A positive water birth at home with a suspected small baby

The Birth Of Ted

A positive home birth with a suspected small baby.

I feel like I need to start my birth story way before birth as Hypnobirthing was not only invaluable during labour but also throughout my pregnancy. It was brought to my attention at my first midwives appointment that apparently my first child, my daughter was ‘very small’ at 6lb 7oz. Nothing was ever said to me at the time but on my first midwife appointment I was told that I would have to have regular scans to ensure my baby wasn’t small again as they would likely need to induce labour if the baby was small and was also told I wouldn’t be able to have a water birth if this was the case. I was frantic from this first appointment. I was in my first trimester and I was already being told I might need to be induced before I’d even had chance to cast eyes on my baby. I found the whole appointment very negative and was even told that maybe ‘my babies just don’t thrive in my...

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A healing home birth story after a difficult first birth

The Birth Of Brooke

A healing home birth story using hypnobirthing after a difficult first birth

Wow where to start?

What a journey.. From the start I knew I wanted a home birth after a traumatic first birth.

I suffer pregnancy related tachycardia and this was a battle I had to fight to prove a home birth was the best place for me. I had a birth matters session with the head of midwifery who could completely see the benefits of home birth and was so positive and supportive and signed it off at around 33 weeks..

Then Corona hit!

Home births suspended…

Well, I did what I could and again spoke to another senior midwife who again was pro home birth who assured me she would do all in her power to help..

Due date week arrived and home births are back on!

On the morning of Saturday the 25th my lovely home birth midwife came to see me, I was 40 weeks and 4 days.. We discussed how everything will work, she told me the days she was on call and that Saturday as in tonight was one of...

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Positive birth story at Huddersfield birth centre using hypnobirthing

The Birth Of Jaxx

A gorgeous birth centre birth using hypnobirthing techniques throughout

Our baby boy Jaxx William Walsworth arrived 11 days late on Sunday 11th November 2018 at 00.48am.

I had such a positive and lovely birth experience at Huddersfield Birth Centre and would like to share it with you, as this wouldn’t have been possible had we not known the techniques we learnt on your course.

Early signs of labour, using hypnobirthing techniques to build beneficial hormones

I woke up the Saturday at around 05.30am with period cramps.They were coming every 20 minutes. At around 0730 my husband and I came downstairs. We kept the curtains closed and he lit candles all around the living room, I got on my birth ball and we put on some comedy (friends). At around 9am I switched from friends and put on the mp3s, as the cramping was becoming stronger, and got in to the breathing techniques.

I had an appointment at Birth Centre at 1pm for a stretch and sweep that day anyway so...

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Positive home birth story despite a high risk pregnancy

The Birth Of Hugo

Second time parents preparing for their first home birth


We had completed Abby’s course in 2015 for the birth of our son Reuben. Although his birth did not go exactly as we had planned, the course gave us the tools and confidence to control the things we were able to and to make informed decisions throughout the labour. My recovery from his birth was tough and I was so upset I didn’t get the water birth I had hoped for. So when we found out I was pregnant again in August 2018 we discussed a homebirth from early on. We are lucky in Leeds to have a dedicated homebirth team and my midwife advised me to go to one of their ‘meet the midwife’ sessions and she would transfer my care over to them if that’s what I decided to do. The session was fab and their whole ethos mirrored Abby’s teachings on her hypnobirthing courses, they even discussed the ‘BRAIN’ technique. I was excited to transfer my ante natal...

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What Hypnobirthing Teachers love about their job

Teaching Hypnobirthing has brought so much to my life and not just the ability to work flexibly around my four children. I also know it has massively grown my confidence and self belief. I truly feel a different person from the person I did before I took this path. 

As well as this, I have met so many incredible people through teaching Hypnobirthing. From past clients to other business owners that work in the birth and baby world. Many of them I now call friends. 
I asked a few Love Your Birth teachers to share what becoming a Hypnobirthing teacher has brought to their life and this is what they said... 






What could becoming a Hypnobirthing teacher bring to your life? 

Find out about our accredited Hypnobirthing teacher training programme here.

Abby xx

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Why a Hypnobirthing Teacher booked a Hypnobirthing session

Uncategorized Apr 27, 2022

Here is your reminder that you don't have to teach brand new content to people for hypnobirthing to be valuable. During my fourth pregnancy, I did a hypnobirthing refresher session even though I had been teaching it myself for 4 years. Here's what I wrote back in 2019:


So last week at 27 weeks of pregnancy Adam and I had a Hypnobirthing refresher session with the lovely Amanda Wardle. Not only have I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda a few times in the past and loved her company, she is also my second midwife this pregnancy so she was the obvious choice.

Now it might seem a bit strange a Hypnobirthing teacher and a fourth time Hypnobirther having a Hypnobirthing session with a Hypnobirthing teacher. I know what your thinking…

Don’t you already know it all already?

Surely you talk about the techniques all the time so paying someone to go through them is a waste of money?

Wouldn’t waiting closer to the birth make more sense?

Here’s why it was so...

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