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Birth: A Dad's Perspective

Uncategorized Apr 27, 2022

A few years ago, I worked with a lovely couple in preparation for the birth of their first baby. They had a wonderfully positive experience and I am so grateful that this new dad has kindly shared his view on the birth and birth preparation. This is definitely one to share with your birth partner…

I wanted to write a dad’s account of my daughter’s birth as I felt it may help other dads who are nervous about their own. There are plenty of birth stories written by mums, and so there should be: they’re the heroines and we’re the sidekicks. Seek them out and read them if you haven’t already. They’ll help you to understand what your partner might feel and experience during birth.

Rather than writing a chronological story, I’ve condensed my own experience of birth and what I learned from it into a few key points.

But first, some T’S AND C’S:

  1. All that I’m about to say is in full acknowledgement that every mum, baby,...
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The Birth Of My Fourth Baby, Betsy

Uncategorized Apr 26, 2022

Betsy is our fourth baby. We didn’t know her gender and loved having a surprise. At 41 weeks and 5 days, it was my longest pregnancy. I do wonder if I almost held onto my pregnancy a little bit. As much as the pregnancy had been hard with lots of nausea, on the whole I love being pregnant. Also with this being likely to be our last I’m not sure I ever felt ready to part with my bump even though I was excited about the next bit.

For weeks I’d had strong Braxton hicks most evenings but apart from that there was no sign she was coming soon. On the 1st of May I met with my friend and her newborn baby for an all you can eat breakfast. We laughed that surely the next time we met I’d have my baby too. To be honest though I began really doubting when she might be born. It’s like when you get to the point when you actually start believing you’ll be pregnant forever, that’s when it happens.

Later that day, shortly after the kids were back from school...

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How to use social media for your business without wasting your life on there...

Uncategorized Jan 11, 2022

Righty lovely, you wanted to become a hypnobirthing teacher because you have a mountain of passion for empowering birth BUT also for greater freedom in your life.


So, what are you doing with screen time of 4 plus hours a day. AKA over 28 hours a week. 1456 hours year!!!!


Here are my top tips for getting the business benefits from social media without it becoming your full time job…



Use Rhythms that work around your life:

Build habits that you can stick to, this avoids you feeling like you should doing something and then scrolling instead. Sound familiar?!

What pocket of time do you have regularly available? So, for example this might be when your toddler goes down for a nap, you spend the first 30 minutes creating a post/doing a live/connecting with people.


Connecting over scrolling:

If you are hopping on social media do it with intention. Connect with people by commenting on posts, particularly on posts from people you’d love to...

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Jennie Shares Her Wins Since Becoming A Hypnobirthing Teacher

Uncategorized Dec 01, 2021

The lovely Jennie from Jentlehypnobirthing has kindly shared her wins with us since she became a hypnobirthing teacher. Jennie completed my expansion course to uplevel her classes.


"My name is Jennie and I am the owner of Jentle Hypnobirthing. I am also a qualified midwife who loves anything birth, baby and breastfeeding related!

I trained as a hypnobirthing teacher in 2017 and completed Abby’s first resource bundle course in 2018 which gave me the freedom to mix my courses up and make them my own. I then completed her expansion course in 2020 and ever since then my business has grown from strength to strength.

I would say my top 3 wins since qualifying are:

1. Receiving my own positive birth affirmation cards through the post with my new logo proudly printed on them- I couldn’t wait to give them out to my couples!

2. Teaching a class of 4 couples over Zoom during the pandemic, meeting them face to face earlier this year and the fact we have now all become...

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Louisa Shares Her Wins Since Becoming A Hypnobirthing Teacher

Uncategorized Oct 25, 2021

The lovely Louisa from For Baby For Me has kindly shared her wins with us since she became a hypnobirthing teacher last year. 

"Here are my wins:

1/ Supporting 12 couples who have all gone on to have different experiences but have all told me what a difference my course has made to them. Some of them have then gone on to learn baby massage with me so it has been lovely to spend time with the babies too.

2/ Creating a website and Instagram account to share helpful content with my followers and potential clients. This takes a lot of work but it is really satisfying to share the message of positive birth as much as possible and interact with people on such an important topic.

3/ Designing my own taster session and essentials course to offer different options for expectant parents, as well as studying biomechanics for birth and postnatal planning and adding this content to my full courses. It feels great to have the freedom to make the course your own."

Thank you for sharing your...

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The Fourth Trimester - My First Baby vs My Fourth

Uncategorized Sep 16, 2021

This is me with my first born, a new mum and newborn Harris shopping and eating Nando’s just 7 days after having him:

Now the thing is, society often praises photos like that. “Wow, look at you out and about already.” “You look great, who’d have thought you’d just had a baby”
The photo makes me sad though. When I look back I feel sorry for this new mum.
A new mum that was super prepared for birth but had paid no attention to the next bit and as a result felt lost behind the mascara and put on smiles.
My fourth trimester with Harris looked like…
⚫️ Visitors, visitors, visitors. And more visitors
⚫️ wondering whether we were doing things ‘right’
⚫️ Not a lot of sleep or rest even
⚫️Not eating all day and a takeaway late at night
⚫️ feeling I must look like nothing’s changed and I’m still me
⚫️ Using our free time to go out and make the most of Adam’s two weeks off not...
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Hannah Becomes An Independent Hypnobirthing Teacher

Uncategorized Aug 29, 2021

Three years into my Hypnobirthing business I was in a position where I was teaching 2 consistently booked group courses a month, plus had a diary full of one-to-one clients and I didn’t know what to do next.


I was so grateful that my business was bringing in really good money. I was so happy to be helping so many families. But I was tired. Really tired.


I struggled to ever say no to a booking, just in case they didn’t do Hypnobirthing without my course. As a result I was working most weekday evenings plus lots of the weekend too.


That’s when I thought about taking on another teacher under the brand that I’d built.


I’d seen a few other Hypnobirthing teachers doing this and it seemed to work well for them.


I was scared though. Scared that there wouldn’t be enough work for us both. Scared about sharing my all my stuff. I lacked clarity over what the agreement would be too.


But anyway I thought I’d just...

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Yetunde Shares Her Wins Since Becoming A Hypnobirthing Teacher

Uncategorized Aug 25, 2021

The lovely Yetunde from Cowriebirth has kindly shared her wins with us since she became a hypnobirthing teacher.

"I've been teaching hypnobirthing for a few years now and love it. It's something I do in addition to a full time job, as it is my way of sharing these amazing life changing skill with others.  

Abby has asked me for my 3 wins from being a hypnobirthing teacher/instructor/guide so here they are: 


1. Supporting a client through multiple changes - preparing for a vbac, overcoming fear of another c-section, baby being breech, having a planned cesarean booked - to help her have the spontaneous vaginal birth she wanted. I really felt my role as a guide and confidence builder, as she did the work - practicing, seeking information, asking questions about her options and not being scared to wait - but I was there to support her every step of the way.


2. Getting a great review from a client 'I felt' didn't engage with the course. During the sessions I...

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Ways To Connect With Your Ideal Client

Uncategorized Aug 11, 2021

Ways To Connect With Your Ideal Client:

So you’re sharing your page everywhere you can. You’ve told everyone you meet that you teach Hypnobirthing. You’ve made a website that you are pretty proud of. You’re itching to be making lots of bookings and launching that group course.


Every time you check your emails, you know like every 15 minutes, your inbox is empty. You check your spam just in case. You feel so frustrated. You’ve got so much to share. You know women need this and you worry what might happen if they don’t find you.

It's important that you really try and connect with the women you want to work with. Think about:

  • What is going to spark her interest?
  • What does she need to hear?
  • How are you going to tell her that Hypnobirthing can change her world?
  • How can you teach her something that will make her pregnancy or birth different and let her remember you?

Allow your ideal client to get to know you, love you...

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Starting A Hypnobirthing Business From Scratch With Rebecca Trueman.

Uncategorized Aug 04, 2021

Starting a new business can be daunting. Taking the plunge to train in something new is a big deal. I get it. This was me six years ago. It felt scary and big but honestly if I hadn’t have taken the plunge I’d have missed out on so many things.

Some of the ladies that I work with feel this way too but at the end of their training they are so grateful to have taken the plunge.

One of these people is Rebecca Trueman from Birth Without Fear Hypnobirthing. Rebecca trained with me at the end of 2020 and has since then done amazing things with her business, it has gone from strength to strength. 

Rebecca shares her thoughts with us in this live video, giving us an insight into why she decided to train as a hypnobirthing teacher in the first place:

"I wanted to do something for myself, that suited our family life. I needed to do something positive for myself and the stars aligned" 

Explaining some of her initial concerns:

"Lack of confidence was a...

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