Terms and Conditions

Immediate access to our resources and training are given on enrolment and therefore we are unable to offer refunds. As a result it is important that you take the time to read and understand what the course entails and whether it is right for you. 


Flexible payment terms must be agreed in advance. In the event of a missed payment, we will contact you to request you make payment of the instalment amount. If we do not hear from you we reserve the right to remove your from the training and request that you return our resources.

In the extremely rare instance that your training is cancelled a full refund will be given. This is the only situation where refunds will be given.

If you feel that something is missing from the course, please get in touch and I will personally do all I can to add it.

In the unlikely event of cancellation of an individual session by any of the tutors, attempts will be made to reschedule. Love Your Birth Training reserve the right to deliver the training in an alternative format in special circumstances.

Love Your Birth Training reserve the right to offer an alternative tutor to those advertised.


Rescheduling Sessions

For any trainees taking a private one to one course, 48 hours notice must be given in changing appointment dates or times. Where this is not done the participants will be liable for the session fee.



Resources are for your own business use only. You are not permitted to share the resources with other business owners.

Once certified you can record/distribute/read the scripts for your own personal business use for Hypnobirthing clients only.

Scripts/recordings/MP3s/workbook and any other resources in this training can be used with clients as part of your Hypnobirthing courses but are not to be sold separately.

The resources can only be used with in-person clients (groups, one to one and virtual groups and one to one). The resources cannot be used as part of online courses/programs/offerings that are not delivered live.

If self-printing the Client Workbook, branding must remain.

You are not permitted to amend our Hypnobirthing workbook and present it as your own intellectual property. Any workbooks you produce yourself must be completely your own work. 

The resources and syllabus are to be only used for the purposes of teaching expectant parents and must not be used for training other people to teach Hypnobirthing.

The copyright is retained by Abby Watson and can only be reproduced as per these Terms and Conditions.

Abby Watson reserves the right to alter/change/close the Facebook group associated with the training.

Participants of this program remain responsible for the content of their Hypnobirthing sessions and are solely responsible for meeting insurance requirements.


Any additional materials required for training such as the books on the reading list are bought at your own expense.

We have made every effort to carefully describe the features of this course and the resources as accurately as we can. However slight variation might occur.

Those who have trained with us are responsible for obtaining their own insurance and abiding by any legislation of the country that they run their business in. Hypnobirthing teachers must make sure that their clients are made aware that they take part in Hypnobirthing sessions with the understanding that the content of the course is in no way intended to be represented as medical advice. Your clients should seek the advice of a health-care provider to answer any health-related or pregnancy-related issues surrounding their pregnancy, their labour, or their birth.

Love Your Birth intends to offer thorough Hypnobirthing instructor training. Love Your Birth makes no promises about the success of your business following your training. 

If in the future you choose to set up a Hypnobirthing Teacher Training School, Love Your Birth reserves the right to remove you from our social media community and revoke your access to our course and ongoing support. 

Any enrolment of a training course with us assumes agreement of these conditions.