Hypnobirthing is a powerful course that empowers expectant parents to become confident and calm as they approach birth. The education and tools help them to have the best possible birth for them. Hypnobirthing allows women to feel calmer and helps them feel more in control and ultimately have a positive birth experience.


We will train you to teach Hypnobirthing courses that are:


Engaging and interactive

Supportive of all choices

Inspiring and educational

Full of powerful techniques

Unique to your business

All-round nurturing experiences

"Pursuing a career in hypnobirthing has provided me with so much freedom. I have more time to spend with my little girl and my family and I can actually say that I love my job. Teaching hypnobirthing doesn’t even feel like work when you are so passionate about birth. I would highly recommend Abby's course". 

Hannah Brown

This is what Hypnobirthing parents think...

Jon, A Hypnobirthing Birth Partner

Every bit as useful for birth-partners as it is for the Mums-to-be!

I left the course feeling like I've got a job to do and I know how to do it. The birth of our baby could take any number of twists and turns but regardless of how it pans out, I know what I can be doing to help and I understand my wife's wishes and needs. I'd recommend Love Your Birth to anyone and everyone.

Anna and Chris, A Hypnobirthing Couple

We both feel well informed and fully prepared for birth, we don't feel scared or nervous, in fact we are excited- we can't wait for the birth and to meet our baby. We have even decided to plan a home birth. I feel truly empowered and ready to give birth.

I'm ready for anything, no matter what happens. 

Our super power is teaching you how to deliver interactive and engaging sessions.


You want your clients to get the most out of their hypnobirthing course with you. You want them to be inspired and motivated to do the practice. You want them to feel empowered to seek information and ask questions throughout their pregnancy and birth journeys.

As well as this you want them to love the sessions. You want them to have loved them so much that they shout about you and your business from the roof tops.

We have around 20 minutes max if we are talking at someone before we’ve lost their full attention. So, a sit and listen approach to any course isn’t going to be very powerful. Through using a variety of engaging resources, analogies, activities and stories you are allowing your clients to get the most out of your sessions.

Our Hypnobirthing Teacher training course will provide you with an abundance of these things. You will love the feeling that you can tailor your courses to your clients and you’ll feel confident marketing your course knowing that not only is Hypnobirthing transformational, your course is the best that it can be and they are going to love it.

As part of your training you will be provided with tried and tested detailed session plans.

You can follow these. You can adapt these. You can pick and chose from these. You can do your own thing. It’s up to you.

With our accredited training we will train you to deliver a Hypnobirthing course that is a great mix of education but also the practice of powerful Hypnosis techniques. You will become confident in communicating these to your clients and leading them in their practice. You clients will leave your courses understanding why the techniques will make a difference to their birth, they'll have already begun using them and they will be motivated to continue to make them part of their everyday lives ready for birth and beyond. 

Train to Teach Hypnobirthing

"I would totally recommend this course if you are looking for more freedom in what you teach, fresh resources and fab interactive ideas".

Jenny Fye

You can choose to give out our beautiful Love Your Birth Hypnobirthing workbook to your clients. We are very proud of this resource. The client workbook is a 64-page A4 interactive book. This is not something that they can buy on Amazon. It’s not something that clients read in one night and tick it’s done. It has been designed to be part of their experience and to be actively used rather than passively read. Our workbook contains a mixture of important reminders from their Hypnobirthing course but also activities that encourage them to reflect and make preparations for their own birth. It is their own companion to their course and reminds them that Hypnobirthing is also about the preparation and practice that they do outside of the sessions.



The workbook contains reminders of all their powerful techniques to practice, birth partner scripts, empowering birth stories, information about the birth process and birth planning tips. Copies of the workbook can be bought from us for just £10 per copy (min order 5, plus p and p). Alternatively, the freedom side of training with us means that you can have your own printed instead (Branding must remain). In addition, you will receive a PDF copy without page numbers. This means that you can choose to just include selected sheets if you wish.


Beautiful packs of affirmation cards can also be purchased for your clients too.

A Hypnobirthing course isn't just a course it's an experience. 


You will have four powerful Hypnobirthing tracks for your clients to use at home. As your business develops you will want to record these in your voice as that is going to be a wonderful reminder of the relaxations done in the sessions with you. You will have all the scripts and more to do this with.


You will choose how long your course is, how many sessions you teach, what you give out etc. Of course, though we will be here to guide you on these things. But ultimately, it’s your business, your rules.


Hypnobirthing can and does help women have the birth experience that they are wanting. We must acknowledge though that there are some elements of birth that are out of our control. We also must remember that not all women's plan A is a vaginal birth. 

A good Hypnobirthing course should prepare couples for the best birth for them. You do not want them to feel that what they have learnt with you ever "goes out of the window". 

We are very proud that are resources are supportive of all birth choices and we actively encourage our teachers to discuss and communicate with their clients how they will be able to use their tools and knowledge for any twists and turns that birth may bring. This is a strong feature of our training. 

Hypnobirthing is for all births.

Enrol in our training and start right away


We've designed our training to fit around busy lives. Simply complete our online training at your own pace and then complete your training by attending one of our live interactive Teaching Immersions that take place virtually via zoom. 

Train with us

"The course has made me realise who I am in this world and I can not wait to get out there and support couples with their positive birth experience".

Bethany O’Keeffe

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Even when you are short on time, have no experience and haven’t yet trained 

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We believe that Hypnobirthing teachers are stronger when they have the freedom to make their course feel like them. When they feel confident that they tailor their sessions to their clients. Love Your Birth Training School is about providing exceptional training, support and resources. Teachers who train with us have immediate access to online modules, no ongoing fees, no licences, no fee per mp3 download. You can even record the mp3s in your own voice (your clients will love you for this!). There are no rules about what you must give out to your clients and you certainly don’t have to ever push my business name. We are here to support you on this incredible journey and empower you to spread transformative positive births to more and more families.

Become a Hypnobirthing Teacher

Danielle Freshwater, Confident Birth Hypnobirthing

Abby is a warm, inspiring and really knowledgeable mentor. Her sunny personality really lifts you up and inspires you to be the very best you can be!

Her course is full of exciting, engaging and interactive elements which have made a huge difference to how I feel about my courses and the responses and interaction I am seeing from my clients.

The thought provoking activities really get parents to start thinking for themselves instead of spoon feeding or just lecturing them!

Abby’s really clear structure is so cleverly designed into digestible, bite size chunks with just the right amount of information for parents to take in during the class plus really helpful and beautifully designed hand outs and worksheets within her workbook too.

I’d really recommend training and mentoring with Abby. She will inspire you, support you and you will feel so confident teaching your hypnobirthing course, knowing it’s the best out there!

" I qualified to teach hypnobirthing a couple of weeks ago and I've already had my first official group course booking which is starting this weekend. I couldn't have done it without Abby"

Hannah Edmundson

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