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Ways To Connect With Your Ideal Client

Uncategorized Aug 11, 2021

Ways To Connect With Your Ideal Client:

So you’re sharing your page everywhere you can. You’ve told everyone you meet that you teach Hypnobirthing. You’ve made a website that you are pretty proud of. You’re itching to be making lots of bookings and launching that group course.


Every time you check your emails, you know like every 15 minutes, your inbox is empty. You check your spam just in case. You feel so frustrated. You’ve got so much to share. You know women need this and you worry what might happen if they don’t find you.

It's important that you really try and connect with the women you want to work with. Think about:

  • What is going to spark her interest?
  • What does she need to hear?
  • How are you going to tell her that Hypnobirthing can change her world?
  • How can you teach her something that will make her pregnancy or birth different and let her remember you?

Allow your ideal client to get to know you, love you and trust you. People buy from people so it's really important that you allow people to connect with you as a person rather than just a business name.

Here are 3 quick ways to really connect with your ideal client:

  • End your posts with your name, a bit like its a message to them from you.
  • Show your face. Not a distant photo but a clear shot of your face. Use one at least every 9 posts (that's what people tend to see when they look at your page) and on your on your profile picture too.
  • Tell your followers why you do what you do. People really connect with stories and will get to know you so much more by hearing what makes you passionate about helping them.

Grab and piece of paper and a pen and answer all of the above, really work out who your ideal client is, once you have established this then work on creating that connection.

Abby x


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