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A day in the life of a new hypnobirthing teacher

A day in the life of a new hypnobirthing teacher.

So, you are thinking about becoming a hypnobirthing teacher but you aren't quite sure if it will fit with your existing life, here's an insight into how hypnobirthing worked for me. 

A typical day for a new hypnobirthing teacher looks something like this:

6:30am - Get up with the baby and toddler - breakfast and general morning carnage.

7:30am - I get showered and ready for the day before my husband sets off for work.

9am - Kids watch Peppa pig whilst i write a social media post

10am - We meet friends for a play date. 

1:30pm - Baby and toddler are asleep in the car so I enjoy a quiet half an hour watching some business tips on Facebook and reply to client emails.

2pm - We go inside and play and cheer up the cranky toddler.

4pm - The kids eat

5:30pm - Husband gets home, we say 'hello' and I sneak upstairs to get my bag ready for tonight's one to one hypnobirthing session. 

6pm - We have dinner

6:30pm - We bath the kids together and get them ready for bed. 

7:10pm - I have a drink, grab my bad and drive to my clients house for a one to one session starting at 7:30pm. 

7:25pm - Park up early, feel a bit nervous, have a quick last look at my notes, take a few deep breaths and remember that hypnobirthing is ace and the clients will love it. 

7:30pm - I'm welcomes inside by my new clients, I make small talk and feel so happy that I get to spend the next few Wednesday evenings with them.

10pm - Leave the happy and relaxed clients house, reminding them of their practise.

10:20pm - Return home buzzing from a fab session and tell my husband about all the light bulb moments that my clients had. 

Teaching hypnobirthing gives me so much freedom to spend time with my children.

When I am working, I love every single second and it doesn't actually feel like work. Running your own business means that you get to set your own schedule, you get to plan your day and decide how much work you take on. 

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Abby x


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