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Hannah Becomes An Independent Hypnobirthing Teacher

Uncategorized Aug 29, 2021

Three years into my Hypnobirthing business I was in a position where I was teaching 2 consistently booked group courses a month, plus had a diary full of one-to-one clients and I didn’t know what to do next.


I was so grateful that my business was bringing in really good money. I was so happy to be helping so many families. But I was tired. Really tired.


I struggled to ever say no to a booking, just in case they didn’t do Hypnobirthing without my course. As a result I was working most weekday evenings plus lots of the weekend too.


That’s when I thought about taking on another teacher under the brand that I’d built.


I’d seen a few other Hypnobirthing teachers doing this and it seemed to work well for them.


I was scared though. Scared that there wouldn’t be enough work for us both. Scared about sharing my all my stuff. I lacked clarity over what the agreement would be too.


But anyway I thought I’d just see what happened. So, I put out a little advert of my Facebook page and got such a flurry of people interested. Most of them were incredible past clients. I met lots of them for a cuppa and I made my decision.


I could have chosen about 5 of them, they were all so great and passionate. I went with Hannah Brown. It felt perfect! I loved the way she spoke about birth. We had similar values. I knew I could trust her.


This marked a massive step in the growth of my business. It marked a point where I saw that reaching more families through hypnobirthing didn’t have to be just done by me. I could impact families through supporting other Hypnobirthing teachers.


For the past three years it has worked beautifully.


This week on Instagram Hannah and I announced that Hannah is no longer going to run her Hypnobirthing business under my brand. She is going independent and honestly it feels so right!


Watch our joint video here where we talk about this decision…


My main value is freedom and I felt that I was limiting Hannah’s freedom as a result of the arrangement.


My belief is that Hypnobirthing teachers do best when they can throw every ounce of them into their courses and business and I knew deep down Hannah felt that Love Your Birth was my baby.


Hannah is a big part of my business journey. We are certainly not saying goodbye to one and another. We are close friends. Plus Hannah now mentors the new teachers that I train alongside me and she assists me in all sorts of tasks behind the scenes of LYB.


Here’s to the end of a chapter and an exciting new chapter for Hannah.


You can check out Hannah's new website here.


Abby x



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