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Louisa Shares Her Wins Since Becoming A Hypnobirthing Teacher

Uncategorized Oct 25, 2021

The lovely Louisa from For Baby For Me has kindly shared her wins with us since she became a hypnobirthing teacher last year. 

"Here are my wins:

1/ Supporting 12 couples who have all gone on to have different experiences but have all told me what a difference my course has made to them. Some of them have then gone on to learn baby massage with me so it has been lovely to spend time with the babies too.

2/ Creating a website and Instagram account to share helpful content with my followers and potential clients. This takes a lot of work but it is really satisfying to share the message of positive birth as much as possible and interact with people on such an important topic.

3/ Designing my own taster session and essentials course to offer different options for expectant parents, as well as studying biomechanics for birth and postnatal planning and adding this content to my full courses. It feels great to have the freedom to make the course your own."

Thank you for sharing your wins with us Louisa, it’s so lovely to watch your business grow and go from strength to strength. 

You can follow Louisa over on Instagram: @louisa_for_baby_for_me

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Abby x



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