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Sian Shares Her Wins Since Becoming A Hypnobirthing Teacher

Uncategorized Nov 17, 2022

The lovely Sian from Serene Beginnings has kindly shared her wins with us since she became a hypnobirthing teacher.


Sian is a hypnobirthing teacher and a baby massage teacher based in North Wales. Here are her wins since starting her hypnobirthing business. 



"I think a lot of us probably tend to focus on what we need to do better or do more of but sometimes jotting down what’s gone well makes you realise how much you’ve actually achieved!


Some of my wins so far include:


• Managing to install a booking system and seeing my first bookings come through - it was such an exciting feeling!


• Starting pregnancy relaxation classes - I felt so nervous and I worried if the pregnant mums would find the classes enjoyable, but one expectant mum messaged me after her first class to say she loved it and it was just what she needed!



• Teaching Hypnobirthing to two different expectant mums who had both experienced particularly traumatic first births and hearing what a difference it made. After giving birth for the second time, one of them said that she felt she could have done it again the next day, and the other described her birth as “the perfect birth” - we both cried with happiness when we saw each other after the birth!


• Attending the LYB Inspiration Day and meeting so many other teachers that I’ve seen on social media - it felt amazing to be part of such an incredible community and it made me feel proud of how far I’ve come since making the decision to leave my other main job.



I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my business!"


Sian  xx 

Thank you so much for sharing your wins with us Sian, it's lovely to watch your business go from strength to strength and we loved seeing you at the LYB inspiration day.


You can follow Sian over on her hypnobirthing Instagram page @serenebeginnings and her baby massage page @serenebeginningsforbabies 


If you are interested in becoming a hypnobirthing or up-leveling your existing hypnobirthing course, then head to my website for more information. 


Abby x


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