Laura Shares Her Wins Since Becoming a Hypnobirthing Teacher

Uncategorized Jun 26, 2021
I’m so happy to be featuring the inspiring and absolute beautiful human, Laura from The Yorkshire Hypnobirthing School with her 3 biggest wins as a Hypnobirthing teacher...
"Here are my 3 biggest wins as a hypnobirthing teacher, there really have been so many - every time I get a booking or a parent messages me with their birth story, there really is no better feeling!
My first biggest win was when my first ever hypnobirthing client came to my sessions and decided that she wanted to try for a homebirth with her 2nd child - she had her homebirth and it was an incredibly healing experience for the family.
My second win was that in November last year, I was contacted by the Leeds University Student Midwifery Union about doing a talk for their student midwives - over 40 turned up and we spent a few hours learning about hypnobirthing and how they could use the skills they had learnt to support families in their care. It was quite emotional and a real humbling moment for me as it made me realise how far I'd come from being even anxious to talk to a midwife!
My third and most recent win was filling a group class for the first time.. I've always had that fear of the one couple turning up but through time, I began to really focus on how to fill my groups and visualise seeing everyone there (thanks for the tip Abby!) and the bookings started to come in. Having 6 couples all smiling on camera on that 1st session - such an amazing feeling.
Laura xx"
Oh Laura, its such a delight to watch you, you can find Laura over on instagram @yorkshirehypnobirthingschool. Also, congratulations on celebrating 2 years in business recently.
The next round of my hypnobirthing conversion course training starts in August, you can find out more here, or get in touch and we can have a chat. 
Abby x

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