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The Fourth Trimester - My First Baby vs My Fourth

Uncategorized Sep 16, 2021

This is me with my first born, a new mum and newborn Harris shopping and eating Nando’s just 7 days after having him:

Now the thing is, society often praises photos like that. “Wow, look at you out and about already.” “You look great, who’d have thought you’d just had a baby”
The photo makes me sad though. When I look back I feel sorry for this new mum.
A new mum that was super prepared for birth but had paid no attention to the next bit and as a result felt lost behind the mascara and put on smiles.
My fourth trimester with Harris looked like…
⚫️ Visitors, visitors, visitors. And more visitors
⚫️ wondering whether we were doing things ‘right’
⚫️ Not a lot of sleep or rest even
⚫️Not eating all day and a takeaway late at night
⚫️ feeling I must look like nothing’s changed and I’m still me
⚫️ Using our free time to go out and make the most of Adam’s two weeks off not seeing that actually what was slower time to connect as a three
I wish I’d known more about the fourth trimester. If only I’d have known more about the emotions, the healing, what babies needed, how and where I could get support.
We did things differently with our next arrivals and by baby number four we had a blissful baby moon…
❤️ I Soaked up all that skin to skin
❤️ I’d planned my support
❤️ Healing and bonding were prioritised
❤️ We ate well
❤️ Visitors were limited
❤️ The world waited
I recently recorded an Instagram live with the lovely Sarah Tessier, talking all about how important the fourth trimester is and how you can help to prepare your clients for this time, you can watch it here:
Abby x

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