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Why choose me as your trainer?

Uncategorized Nov 22, 2022

Why choose me as your trainer?


I’ve been there and done it. I built my own in person Hypnobirthing business with 2 under 2. I have extensive experience of how to get Hypnobirthing clients, how to build community and how teach classes that are relevant and well received.


I’ve trained and mentored over 300 Hypnobirthing teachers so far. My feedback and testimonials speak for themselves.


I’m a former teacher so I understand how to design and deliver training that sticks. This benefits both you when you are learning with me and also your clients if you choose to use our resources and session plans.



I’m a trained Hypnotherapist so you can trust that I can support your growth in using Hypnosis with your clients. I’m also there for your growth as a confident business owner through the power of Hypnosis too.


I am dedicated to provide ongoing support in both your Teaching and building a business too. Growing our hugely supportive community is very much my mission.


I am the leading Hypnobirthing Business mentor. I bring my business building tips to training new Hypnobirthing Teachers so they get the very best start to business.


I’m here for you for as long as you want. When you finish your training we don’t say bye. You can continually learn and be supported by me for as long as you like.


I am committed to always adding to our training. When I do, you access it.


I somehow attract the most beautiful souls to train with me so please know you’ll be training with a whole bunch of lovely, supportive and kind humans.


I support you to be you. I don’t tell you what you should and should believe. How you can and can’t run your business. I want you to be your own beautiful.


I have worked hard to get our training accredited. This means your clients know that you have been trained by a reputable trainer and you can easily gain professional insurance.



Abby x


P.S. Got any questions about our training, ask away!


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